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Hey so Im a little confused cuz it says only chapter 1 is out but people are talkting about endings? Do endings not normally come after all chapters are done? Im kinda dumb help;;

Hi! While there's only one chapter for the first two love interests out right now, there are multiple ways for those chapters to end depending on what you do. Five per love interest, to be exact.

cannot wait for chapter 2!

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new player here! a couple of questions

- is there a spoiler free guide on how to get good endings for each love interest? or tips that tell you what to keep in mind for a good ending?

-when will the next installment of the game become available ?and what would the timeline look like for the entire game to be published? 

Hello! We're glad you've decided to try out our game ❤️

The ending guide we made (the downloadable pdf file) has a spoiler-light guide to the good endings where it gives general advice about what the boys prefer on the first page, and then a step-by-step guide to each of the endings on the following pages. Stay on the first page and you're golden.

We can't say for sure when the next instalment is coming or what our final release date for the full project is going to be, unfortunately. All us raccoons work full-time elsewhere, and OBSCURA is our beloved side-project. Sorry we can't give a solid answer to that, but we don't want to make promises we can't keep.


I don't think anyone could say they didn't enjoy this visual novel... There's no way you can not like this masterpiece here! I can't wait for future updates.

help plz

how can I update my game ; ;

If you're looking to update from 1.0 to 1.01, you'll have to download the zip file again. You should be able to continue using your saves from the 1.0 version, though.



Hihi!! I love this game so much I cant wait for the next update! The story is really unique and I really love the art and art style :). We don't have a lot of games like this with such aesthetically style and good storyline, I'm so glad I found this :D


i hope we get chapter 2 :')


I downloaded this purely because of the aesthetic vibe. I did not read anything on this page. I resisted giving it ago because it is incomplete and my "bookshelf" is overflowing with WIPs, but, as I often do, I gave in anyway. And now here I am, HOOKED, already.

Your creativity and inventiveness is an inspiration. I love the world your working with and the restraint you use in giving back story and building a sense of mystery. Keep up the great work! I can't wait to experience more.

I feel like the slow burn to a full face reveal is going to be deliciously tortuous and I'm here for it, along whith the overall growth of the characters and the MCs journey.



i've been thinking about this game constantly, the vibes and the aesthetic are immaculate and the li's are my kind of scary <3


Is there anywhere I can send you fanworks? I made a soundtrack inspired by Obscura but Twitter isn't the best place for posting mp3 files, I'd love to show my appreciation for the game!


Hi! We're so touched you want to share your fanwork!

At the moment the best way to share something is probably to pop it in a google drive or dropbox or the like and DM us a link on Twitter. We're looking into other options to let folks gather in a community (the twitterpocalypse is a good reminder to us to look into other social media), but we don't have anything certain right now.


Will do! But unfortunately there is no option to privately message you on twitter, perhaps its a setting you have to check off but I'm not too sure. Maybe I can put it into a video and tag you, I'll see what I can do!



ik Cirrus is a red flag but im attracted to him and ill be looking forward to the fancy looking stranger ehe



Fell in love with Cirrus at the first time i saw him 🥹 And got the best end at the first time play, maybe because i'm a M 😂? 

The sadism makes him hotter and hotter!!! Can't wait for next chapter! 


lol, become a M and get best end. Noted! thanks btw XD


Lots of fun and gorgeous art!! The world building is impressive, especially for such a short adventure. Still plenty of replay potential–I'm excited to see where the next chapters take the story! 

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My  mask kink has never been more fulfilled than here, I love them all


Thank god I found this hidden gem. Love ittt so much, waiting to see more from you, guys! Lovelots


i love game


Have mercy, I'm in deep with this game already. I set out to only play it through once just to see the characters/story setup but wound up going through it over and over and getting all the ends in one sitting lmao it's SO GOOD and both the current LIs had me sweatin. 10/10 will be shoving this at everyone as a recommendation & very much looking forward to seeing more of the story!


Hiya! Stumbled upon this games and loved the art style and the atmosphere of it.
I would like to ask, if you're interested in adding a russian translation for the game, for this chapter and maybe even the full game in the future. I've got some expierience and all I need is your permission and a few kind words of guidance along the way...
And a way to contact you. Comments aren't the best place for such discussions, lol.
Hope you're interested!

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Oh my god this was SO good, I'm def going to go through all endings I hope that the full game is developed soon cuz..... i need it fr 

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pretty traumatized over cirrus tbh. and not to mention i think his vibes SUCKED! (ノ`Д)ノ

after completing the keir route and getting all keir's bad ends, which were really heartbreaking(10/10).... 
i decided to see the hot priest endings like any tired loser. and while at first i was SUPER EXCITED, well.... as i went to get every ending i think died a little inside lol.

if i felt bad betraying keir, then when i came about cirrus' s bad ends i just felt UGHHHH. ヽ(*。>Д<)o゜ his sadism is beyond me, and i don't have much of a- not submission but- im not a big fan of the pain kink.
and I'M NOT JUDGING, since i know cirrus is definitely very hot for lot(?!) people but...

as a person, i just don't like him! and just me? yeah? that's fine. because it's just my problem that i didn't really like him probably because he's not transparent at all!

maybe chapter 2 will get me to change my mind since there'll probably? be more character background there, but eh-- as for now he's DEFINITELY not in my good books. adding him to the pile o(一︿一+)o

my safe word for this game was... ashamedly, since last night i wasn't really in a clear mood when my mind was totally set on sticking to my real opinions for the options just to be clear, was deeznuts. 

and yeah, sure, that MIGHT sound like im now becoming less serious but that's definitely not the case! i just decided "hey, if im scared, im not going to be scared of the outdated old deeznuts joke, right?" so i was totally prepped for that part, ready to face sadness one on one! which my heart surprisingly didn't really get, due to the endless yandere games i've played before this. but it wasn't dry in any way don't get me wrong!

and its shits and giggles with the MC's humor really caught me off guard and i really loved that.

my opinion still stands EVEN AFTER editing practically this whole thing just to re-word it and make it less offensive, i still just want to punt cirrus across the moon! wait, no, all the way down to hell! or that endless hole mentioned in keir's route.... you can't tell me no. :]

seeing how keir changed the topic at the mention of 'priest', that also caught my attention fyi. just that... there's literally ZERO evidence to really use that small detail! i just felt it might be important or something later on, nothing that for myself.

but aside my rants on how cirrus is NOT A HOT KINKY DADDY OVERLORD as i expected: i really love this game! 

i feel like the deepness is sort of one of it's charms, and the perceptiveness we get is pretty cool. i also really love the way they made the MC's personality and design!

it's super cute when you think about it and you can definitely just imagine yourself wearing that cloak- and seriously, we need more appreciation for the masks designs (though there's definitely a lot)! 

i liked the charcoal gold one the best, but frankly they were all really good and i choose them all at least once!

pretty interested on how the mind-break kink thing with the MC will work out, especially in the next update, just because i feel as though it might not be great for them.   

especially in the aftercare, i know the comments often mentioned everywhere i scrolled down that the session was "caring" and "sweet" but i... i mean, only caring and sweet about it was the creators put it there?!? <referring to the safe word button on the top right of the screen>

but if you're talking about that aftercare session AFTER the stabbing thing.... NO WAY cirrus can be described as "cute" and "sweet"!!! that's literally anybody else?!

it took a long time for me over onto get his good end because i, personally, was pretty stubborn about his total-submission dialogue pathway. and while i wasn't too eccentric about it, at least i got to complete almost every ending of the game before sleeping, right? 〒▽〒

i KNOW it's just fiction so why do i get so worked up?!?

eh~ anyway...

can't wait for chapter 2, and frankly the fancy stranger is so cute! maybe they'll be an open love interest in the update? but i don't really know, because for all i understand, they could just end up as an ally or friend or something. but that'd still a valid option! because personally, I've just taken the fascination expected of me and leapt at it.

in game, no matter the love interest, you don't really see anyone quite like fancy stranger. which is intended, obviously, and his aesthetic is SUPER CUTE!!! 

like, not that all the characters didn't look good, because they do! They look very good! 


honestly, i feel like he'll either be the most unexpected antagonist or a complete squishy baby, which i hope is the latter mostly, because i know that's impossible if you're going to the underworld of all places. 

but like, let's wait and see? i mean, he's here so we'll get the lore eventually. can't wait for chapter 2!

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If you are targeting my comment specifically, then I have to insist that Cirrus IS CARING, because he follows an aftercare session. Something that lacks in 99.9% of all indie or japanese visual novels that feature rough, jerk, yandere or disturbing love interests that constantly dominate over the mc and harm them physically, emotionally or mentally. No one bats an eye at the stuff some of them do to the mc, yet it takes a self-proclaimed dark romance game, with shady love interests to finally have an aftercare session after an intense bdsm scene.

It's fine if it's not your kink, lol. I do not see myself as a submissive either, but I liked Cirrus' scenes, as someone who is dom-leaning myself. I find them to be well done for the reasons I suggested above.

Is Cirrus a good person? No, he's shady as hell; the game doesn't excuse him. This game has trigger warnings: it's a dark romance visual novel. But he's a well written dominant love interest 🤷

Maybe next time you comment, maybe try whining less about what other players like, and spend more time commenting on what you liked or want to improve about the game, instead.

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oh, no i wasn't targeting your comment directly, sorry if you thought that way! and while i DO understand as you said, most games hold yanderes worse than cirrus, i still think he's a little iffy specifically because of the MC's inner dialogue at the end of his good route! the MC is unsure and feels something is wrong, and personally im not too okay with it. and the aftercare session was sweet, but it doesn't last long, or change the fast either he stabs us or we stab ourselves AND he gives us this sus ass drink that makes us feel like dog shit hurled up in a ball and then thrown around a few times until being tossed in some dumpster fire.

while i DO know i did start off my comment with throwing cirrus at the bad end, it doesn't really change my enjoyment and excitement for further development lol. i didn't talk about how to improve the game because i for one thought it was perfect as is! no glitches to report, nothing unexpected, and an overall smooth gaming experience with good visuals and sound effects.

as i said, i read the warnings and loved the game, so i just want to let you knoe im not mad at the dark themes because it was 100% expected! im just saying how i felt lmao, not really anymore than that. and i know i was a bit of a rant and nag, but im fine with other players who enjoyed his route and the dark romance genre is always SUPER interesting! i'm not whining- i don't think? i didn't really see myself like that, at least. but sorry if i was. 〒▽〒

maybe i should've thrown some emotes there to sound friendlier, which i guess i will in a few minutes to prevent further misunderstandings- but i wasn't like batshit angry or anything don't get me wrong. i was just high on adrenaline after finishing the game. ಥ_ಥ




WOW 😍😍😍


(Forgive me for potential mistakes or weird phrasing, since English is not my native language and I'm still learning)

I stumbled upon this demo and this is beautiful. It has some serious VIBES. Delicious. Art? Music? Writing style? Yes, yes, yeees.

Thank you for this ❤️

Also sorry, I just scrolled some comments and noticed that people sometimes call protagonist 'Vesper'. Is that, like, a default name or something? If yes, than it's very funny coincidence - I always name each of my protagonists by the name of Vesper, so I did the same here and happily typed in a name box, aha. 

Yes, Vesper is the default name for the MC! Right now it's only visible if you hit enter on an empty name input box, but in a future build you'll see the default name suggested.

And thank you for playing and reviewing a game not in your first language ❤️


I'm absolutely in love with this demo! Can't wait for more & wishing you all the best for the development ! <333


oh my goshhh jgfggasidgj I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH but yeah first i got a bad ending for cirrus kinda feel betrayed ..and then i got a good ending with keir like i wanna try get good ending with cirrus and i got it huiduiwqigdaw im so happy 


this game slays. i love all the love interests and . i. :( ... i can't wait till the next chapter


Cirrus, my beloved. I am chuckling over people perplexed on how to get his "best" end....just do what he says when he says it and ask for more. Seriously, this was the best (and hottest) description of of a session I've seen depicted in media of any kind in a long time. Eagerly awaiting more.


You made me fall in love with this wonderful game<3.

My favorite is Keir<3<3<3<3.

I can't wait to find out more about the characters, the world, lore, and our mysterious protagonist (I really love protagonists who have their own personalities, pasts, and special circumstances).

I have to ask, in the future the protagonist will have a physical image (Like sprites and CGs of their face and body)?

A theory that I have right now is that the reason why Vesper is so covered up compared to the other characters, is because his illness mutates/changes/worsens his physical appearance (Like Leprosy or Chickenpox or something more fantasy type (My imagination flies to the possibilities XD (I really love protagonists with illnesses or disabilities<3)))

In case he will have a face in the future, will he have a default face and body or it will be modifiable to the player's taste?...

...Will there be NSFW scenes? ; ) ; ) ; )

And I ams done!

Thank you very much for reading my comment, I really appreciate it<3.

I'll keep an eye on your social media, I just wanted to let you know that you've won me over as a fan forever (^///^).


Aw, thanks for all the love❤️🥰 We so glad you've enjoyed the game so far!

When it comes to the MC (we call them Vesper behind the scenes) and customisation, we can't make any promises. If we had infinite money and time we would almost certainly want to make Vesper customisable, but as it stands it's not something we have on development schedule. It's just a lot to ask of Mugi when she's already busy being a superstar in a lot of places.

When it comes to NSFW scenes, it's basically in the same place. We don't want to make any promises and then break them later if things change, but also if we find a good spot to add a bit of adult content in the routes, then sure. And if none of the main plots leave room for smut, we'll look into adding some of that good content in DLC.


Thanks for answering!

I'll pray that the game becomes more popular than it already is and you can afford both and more in the future<3.

P.S: For the record, even if Vesper's face or body is never revealed and there are no NSFW scenes, I'd still love Obscura (^///^).

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the gameplay is entriguing, the soundtrack is a bang (the kind that makes you stop in your tracks to just vibe to it), the characters are GOD DANG, and the main character is so mysterious I want to know more! And the name of the sickness also makes me so intrigued, the religions are interesting and the art?? THE ART, it's *chefs kiss*. This game is amazing and it's only been one chapter. You all are doing great, this game has such a care put into it and I really really really appreciate it!


How long is one route if I may ask?😊


One may always ask! 🥰 Each route will probably be ~10k words for one-read through, plus the prologue which is ~3k words. How long that takes depends on your reading speed, but we would say that 10k words takes about 1 hour as a very rough rule of thumb. Most people read faster than that, but choices and clicking through text tends to slow them down a bit.


Thank you so much for telling me!! 😁 It helps me a lot!!


Oh man, Keir is just so damn charming. I love the banter between him and MC. I have yet to check out the route with Cirrus (will do it right away), but after playing the route with Keir (and getting the best ending!), I simply had to come and say that I really, really love the game so far. 

I'm so looking forward to 2nd chapter!


Apart from the compliments I have for the gorgeous art and unique aesthetic, great world-building and immersive ost, I want to personally thank you for writing such a neat character like Cirrus.

 I'm not one who likes overtly aggressive, cocky, rude,  degrading or any type of dominant male characters. But I love how you made Cirrus refined, a praiser, and even considerate, careful and warm during the aftercare session (which are so well done!)

Consider this comment the highest compliment, given from someone whose cup of tea isn't dominant or sadistic characters at all.

I am eagerly waiting for more🙏


no female RO..


so what?


I tried out the demo last night and I was immediately impressed by how the dialogue/writing kept being both eerie and unsettling but entertaining and full of sass at the same time. The worldbuilding is so gripping I am very excited for the next releases!

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Thank you very much for this game! I love daddy Cirrus. Very immersive. And I got his best ending!

Hi, I love this game! Will it be released episodically?


Yes, we are releasing OBSCURA episodically! 


Hi hello I would just like to thank you for inventing Keir Obscura. The banter between him and Y/N is so charming and they play off each other so well, like a married couple lol. Looking forward to chapter 2 and maybe even some spicyness for Keir like Cirrus got in his route?


I'm in love with this and it's only chapter one. I have a serious Cirrus brain rot (got all his endings) and have replayed his route so many times in the past few days, it's ridiculous. I've already designed my version of Vesper (I named her Nova to stick with the star theme) and have art things I want to do. 

The art, music, and characters are already so phenomenal and I want to know all the lore so bad. I'm so curious if Cirrus treats other people like he does mc (as in the people who enters the church, like does he have a congregation?) or if like he teased to them, mc is extra special.

I love how sassy mc is and their mask designs are lovely. Mouthy mc with immoral dommy Cirrus is a big yes please.  The aftercare stuff is great and I like all the ways you can tap out if need be, especially given how intense the scenes can be. 

If y'all ever decide to make a patreon for this game, I would 100% join and support. I can't wait for more of the game. <3


this visual novel is honestly so refreshing! the story seems like the type to be published as an actual book, so i was immediately interested with the premise of the game. kier reminded me so much of a typical novel LI that's cheeky and brooding yet charming in his own way so he was obviously the first route i played and i honestly loved every bit of it. be still, my beating heart.

oh, and please, please, please, go deeper into the lore and world-building of the story! i love how different this romance visual novel is compared to others. can't wait to see more of kier (and the fancy stranger (¬‿¬) lol) kudos to you guys!


Wow, I haven't  been this excited for a game in a long time >.< Ticks off all my favorite boxes. Can't wait to see this amazing experience fleshed out into a full game!


That was just fantastic! Thank you!!! I look forward to chapter 2.


I'm an enthusiast and creator of the project "Keeper of Time". Specialize in translating visual novels and comics into Russian. I understand if, due to the current terrible situation, you immediately stop reading after this. I'm writing with a proposal to translate ur games into Russian. I don't sell translations and leave all links on authors, I also do not take money from the owners of the original for my work. If you want, I can show you my project list.

u can contact me:

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