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im obsessed with Cirrus omg

i've just discovered this and i'm already obsessed

No Android??


THIS WAS SO GOOD YOU GUYS! Cirrus my beloved <3




Incredible level of craft and love put into this and it shows in the smallest of details. I'll be looking forward to the next chapter!


where is next chapterrrrr ? plz add more chapter and nsfw concept lol. I really like dark romance and this is the top perfect dark romance game

cant wait for the next chapter! :DD

will this be playable in browser version?

i love my skrunkle dooks oleander

Are you planning on releasing it one chapter at a time, or is Chapter One like a demo and you will release the full game when it's all finished?


We're aiming to release one chapter at a time 😊


I need android version 😭😭

pleaseeeeee when will it be released fully??


Btw I love that you put in the "Back" button, so when I mess up or find my character in an uncomfortable situation, I can go back and make a different choice. :)

Wow, this is really good!

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Very interested in the game so far. Good characters, good writing, great art.. I cant wait for more! Oleander is definitely my favourite, his route feels the most fleshed out.


I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH- All the designs are unique and memorable- (Spoilers Below for anyone reading)




I especially adore Keir's character and story so far- my first playthrough I got his Best End, I'm so excited to see where things go from here!!! How he interacts with the other residents of Mouse Hole definitely endeared me to his character quite a bit. I really like that he has his own set of morals he still follows. He has his own charm and I enjoy the banter between him and the MC- TOP TIER WRITING!!! Also him patting the MC's head at the end and calling them a good egg was a really fun way to leave things until the story continues imo-

And I am so down bad for Oleander it's not even funny- I don't care I witnessed him poison a man I will shamelessly defend him until my last breath- HE'S SO FINE IT'S UNFAIR- HE'S SO MUCH FUN AND I AM WRAPPED AROUND HIS FINGER- The dancing part of his route was fantastic- His character is definitely my favorite, I love his confidence and bold nature, along with the hints and someone possibly sweeter and heartfelt underneath (I had a lot of fun playing through the tea shop part, I thought him trading some of his tea for a bit of the MC's cake was really cute)!!!! I'm really excited to see where his story goes in general! ^^

Francesco is adorable too- I'm almost 100% sure he's a prince about to be coronated which is why he's trying to try everything before he has a lifetime of responsibilities- either that or maybe he's also sick? Idk, either way his story was fun to play through- it's adorable how flustered he got when he was flirted with- I wonder if there's a twist to him, I guess I'll have to wait and see! >:D

Cirrus scares the shit outta me- that is all-

I really enjoyed this game overall! It was a lot of fun and really exciting! I can't wait to see where things go! The safeword button and aftercare are an amazing idea and it was really sweet and reassuring- It made the game even more enjoyable as I always felt like I had a safety net-  I love the characters, the writing, the atmosphere, and the mechanics! The timed options is a lot of fun! Thank you guys so much for sharing this absolutely fantastic game!!! <3


Do you have any advice/how to get Oleander's best ending??? Because I've been trying so many times but I keep getting neutral :( 

And yeah you're right, he's mighty fine ;)

There's a PDF in the downloads that can guide you! 


love it so much!!


OOOOH my god okay so. okay. ough. oh. give me a second to collect my thoughts because good god this game is INCREDIBLE! fun fact i did try to play this before, but i started with cirrus's route which was a mistake on me ;') i was not prepared at all for that man and took a break from the game UNTIL TODAY! i just played through keir's route which was sooo much funner for me, i adored seeing the interactions between even the NPCs and vesper in the mouse hole and his ending was so nice!! and sweet!! headpats for all!!! ahhhg as of writing this i've yet to get through the whole game, but i'm diving right back into it ASAP because i can't wait to see everything it has to offer. much much love, i HIGHLY recommend playing, this VN obviously has a lot of love and work put into it and i cannot wait for what comes next. :)


Is there an Android version of this game somewhere please let me know 


Hello ! Yes, there's a way for you to play Obscura through mobile phones, I'd suggest you download 'JoiPlay'  

1. Download the official game file ( for any platform ) 

2. Download the Renpy plug in through Joiplay's website 

3. Open the Joiplay app and add your game ( I suggest you pick up ZArchiver for extracting and getting the .exe file which plays the game! )

If you struggle with anything, I'm sure google could help you with it ! It's pretty easy to get.

Your welcome~


when does the game come out?




Oh my goodness, I am absolutely in-love! This is amazing! I am, for one, so glad to see dark topics and situations handled so freaking well. I don’t, at all, understand negative reviews when warnings and even “safe word” and “aftercare” options were included. It’s astounding. It means the ​viewer​ didn’t do their job correctly, not that the ​dev​ didn’t. Anyway, I loved the grit and wit, heh. I loved the world-building. I loved the setting and locations - the art is gorgeous, the music is a character in itself, I loved it.

The dark situations are handled excellently, with aplomb. They’re tactful and decisive, and I loved the choices that were available in them - ranging from scared reactions to excited and even turned-on reactions - that’s amazing. I can count the number of games that tackle such topics, situations, and even choices like this on one hand. I’m so happy to see it done, here, and done so freakin’ well. Incredible. Thank you. It’s beautiful.

Beyond all that, the characters. Holy cow. I found myself falling in love with each of them, in their own rights. And that almost never happens. I joke, but VNs and LI games tend to be 60/40 as far as the LIs go, imo. But this? Each one was 100% something I wanted in their stories. I legit found myself liking each of them, genuinely. More than all that, though, each of them are just so very well-developed that I could tell what situations were genuine or risky, what choices would benefit or detract, etc. I also found myself thinking about the future chapters for each of them, diving head-on into the world and everything. That’s how well-dev’d the world and the characters are.

The masks/coverings/strangers aspect was also so well-handled, and it was basically another variable that added to each the world, characters, and even the situations/choices, and the subsequent feelings. It was a constant struggle of both liking and hating them, which is so genuine, when you think about it. And it’s such a great and interesting way to handle a game with LIs, rather than just a platformer/rpg/puzzle-game or something, you know? It’s an added factor to consider.

Even the side-characters were so great and endearing. The shop owners (and cousins), even the scary ones, the bouncer, the babysitters, the thief crew, the party attendees - they’re all just very animated in their own rights - they’re not typical NPCs, they have real and true personalities, and they legit made me feel things. Like, I could feel nervous or excited in the situations with them, and that almost never happens with side-characters or NPCs. So, absolutely well-done, there, too.

The branching was excellent. I already thought dev’ing a game like this was way beyond my purview. But seeing how diverse the choices were, and the different ways to branch of from each one - and even the different ways you somehow/give yourself a chance to rejoin/unbranch, if that makes sense? Anyway, it just further solidified the skill and hard-work that goes into this type of story-building. Y’all did freakin’ amazing. I was so happy to go back and try to get different situations with different choices, and that lead to me trying for all the endings (I got them!), and ao;jfa;sjfa;jflasjdf. I just cannot explain how happy it made me to do all of that, and how ​that​, in itself, made me happy - because it just doesn’t happen very often at all to me. It normally feels like too much work, like a chore, but this was just such a blast to do, even over and over again.

I cannot, I repeat: ​cannot​, wait for the full release, or more chapters, or whatever the term should be. This was incredible. Both new and interesting, original, and grand, and just beautiful. I loved it. Every minute of it. Literally. Every. Minute. The only negative thing I can say is that it’s incomplete. And even then, one, I knew that ahead of time. But two, that’s kind of a good thing as well, because it means I have more to do, more to look forward to. And like I said, I cannot wait for that!

10/10, guys. 100% would-recommend.

(but please, read the tws, because it’s an absolutely travesty for those who ​want​ to see things like this, but then they’re overloaded with -1s because the reader didn’t read properly).

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This is definitely one of the best VN I've played in a long while! Absolutely loved Cirrus and Oleander the most out of all of them. They're both my type 100%. I just hope Vesper forgives me for what I'm about to put them through haha...


There were tons of warnings and even a "safe space" to retreat to, but nevertheless I was so traumatized from playing Cirrus's route that I had to uninstall the game. I could tell the devs put a lot of care into the game so I don't want to trash it, but it's not for me.


We're sorry that you had a negative experience with Obscura. It's not a game for everyone, and we encourage players to curate their experiences like you have. Thank you for trying, and we're sorry you didn't have fun with it.


Thanks for caring! <3


i love this so much
its so good....






This is fucking amazing, wow! well done!


Dude, this is incredible. I went into this demo without knowing anything, based on a quick recommendation from a friend and I am floored at how good it is. I'm deeply impressed with everything - plot, characters, setting, the whole shebang - and I am ecstatic to see how the story develops for each route. When I started this up and was prompted for a safeword, I thought - oh, funny teehee, they're being cute - and then when I tried it out...I was so moved that an actual safe space was there. This is so meaningful and considerate. I appreciate darker and more intense subjects personally, but even when you do enjoy those, a safe-break is a good idea after a lot of tension. I am just so pleased with the whole experience! Also, OMG, the MUSIC! <3

This blew my fucking mind. I need MOAR!


Finished Keir's current route and love him to bits, the banter is amazing. Now I just started my first meeting with Cirrus and, ooof. This man is doing things to me and I was not prepared.


ARE THOSE LITTLE FANGS I SEE!?!?! This character is a personal attack on my purity and delicate sensibilities!


Great demo! Each of the character's storylines were engaging(Keir and Oleander were my personal favorites), and I loved seeing the different perspectives of people in this underground market. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the full version :)

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I recently unlocked all of the endings and so far Oleander has to be my fav! I absolutely in love with this game and its stunning art, its story is very unique and amusing. I love how many options there is to the game and how many endings they're could be to a person's route! Endless possibilities! I can't wait to play the full game, totally something I would spend my money on! Thank you so much for this lovely game. <3


Please tell  me how to get his best route I'm struggling lol


Cirrus' charme affected me a little to much in the beginnung for that he became the most unsettling character...

I played every route and loved the game. The story is very unique and interesting. The dialogues never get boring and the artwork is beautiful!


I knew I was walking into a Vipers den the moment Cirrus came on screen but I've made so many bad decisions in my life what's one more.

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Hi there how are you  will,  I am so sad , I played the game before the update and it worked in joiplay and now it doesn't can you please add an android version please I love the  game so much and I don't have computer or  laptop to open the game.


So.. I just finished all the routes and I'm obsessed! I really like the stories that we get to see with each of the LIs. Also, I love how we get to see more of the MC's personality as we meet each LI. I love the art and music in addition to plot and characters. The user interface is also amazing and I appreciate the content warnings included and the safeword feature for taking a break after any of the plot points. I'm looking forward to Chapters 2 and 3 in the future! Will definitely buy early access -- thank you Rotten Raccoons <3 (Also, I voted in the Twitter poll for favorite LI and it was so difficult to do so -- all of them are fun!).



Are there plans for an android version? Unfortunately it dosent work with JoiPlay.

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