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I once heard a story...

There's a marketplace under the mountain where anything can be bought and sold. Visitors wear masks to become faceless strangers. It's home to the unscrupulous, the outcast, and the desperate.

You're one of the desperate.

Strangers with their own secrets and ambitions can show you ways through the market. They'll guide you to your goal, but don't trust them to have your best interests at heart. 


  • The first chapter of a multi-chapter series.
  • Choose the protagonist's name, pronouns, and mask.
  • Two mysterious love interests (for now).
  • Over 30k words.
  • A dark, mature story with many ways to fail.
  • Timed choices! Or turn them off for an easier game.
  • Original music by Cajsa.
  • Use the default, OpenDyslexic, or Atkinson Hyperlegible font for ease of reading.


The Thief

"When I compliment you — if that ever happens — you’ll know."

Where there is a market, there are thieves. Keir steals to feed hungry mouths, but never forget that to survive at the fringes requires the most ruthless kind of pragmatism.

The Priest

"Penance is of the utmost importance here, and I think you'd best keep that soul of yours unblemished."

The church of the Lunar God offers sanctuary to all who come to its doors and Cirrus will give aid to those who request it. But there is no such thing as a gift in the market, and whatever aid Cirrus grants, he will want something in return.

Fancy Stranger

"I hope we'll meet again, if you don't mind me saying... you are a very kind person."

Sweet and sun-kissed, someone such as him does not typically come to the market. What drives someone underground? What is he searching for? Plays only a cameo role in the story, for now.


"The people down here have beautiful taste..."

No one goes under the mountain without a good reason. Unfortunately, you have a great reason. Whatever you were aboveground, now is the time to abandon it.

Content Warnings

The game contains unhealthy relationship dynamics, religious themes, drug and alcohol, violence, and themes of human trafficking. More specific warnings are available in the game. This game is recommended for an 18+ audience.

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(525 total ratings)
AuthorRotten Raccoons
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tagsamare, Boys' Love, Dark, Dating Sim, LGBT, Otome, Romance, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Obscura-1.01-pc.zip 130 MB
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Ending Guide [Chapter 1].pdf 573 kB

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I adore the characterization and world building in this game! The small details like most places not having rooms underground are really nice touches, and the MC has a discernible personality rather than being a self-insert.

The aftercare screen is also an excellent edition. Cirrus' scenes are fascinating, but they did make me feel a bit uncomfy - not the BDSM so much as the MC isn't in much of a position to have a say in the situation, regardless of whether he wants it or not - so it's nice to be provided with a break when I need it.

I read all the comments about Cirrus and was very confused, now I understand. But for real, its a great game i especially love how the MC isn't a pick me or clingy but sassy. Also both the ML are pretty interesting. I wonder about the masked stranger and what his future role will be.


I absolutely loved it, the protagonist isn't cringy and weird, the characters are perfect, the backgrounds, art, and music is awesome! and the aftercare is so sweet, thank you so much! can't wait for more!

so good! i got both of the best endings. cirrus is so BARK and i love how he instantly gets attached to the protag and asks them to stay... and kier's headpats makes me want to sob

KEIR? I got the best ending and it was so wholesome!! The game certainly brings up heavy topics, but the aftercare really helped. <3 It was lovely. Thank you for that addition, game devs !


im not exactly sure how to play it, ive downloaded it just fine but i tried to use the same method as i did for blooming panic but it doesnt work, or maybe its a certain file? im not sure but if you could help i'd appreciate it  ! cant wait to play this game!

I'm not sure what you mean by "the same method as Blooming Panic", but if you're using a Windows machine you need to:

1) download the correct zip file (the one labelled "-pc")

2) unzip the file by right-clicking on the file and choosing "extract all" or "extract here"

3) go into the newly-made folder and find the application file, which should be called "Obscura" and launch that. If you have an older Windows machine then you may need to launch "Obscura-32" instead.

The process should be similar if you're a Mac user. Extract the folder from the zip file, then go into the folder to launch the executable. If the launch file isn't working, you may need to see if your anti-virus program hasn't blocked or deleted the game files; OBSCURA isn't a risk to your computer but some anti-virus programs don't like playing unknown games.

Ahhh, thank you i got it ! I'm very excited to play this game!


I'm so in love with Keir

(1 edit) (+1)

Awwww I love it!!! Cirrus is so sexy XD


Hachi Machi. Keir was such a comfy route, and then playing Cirrus's right after... Woof. Bark bark. Bark woof bark bark. I adore both of their best endings, and I'm both so curious what their other ends are and also absolutely unwilling to get them because I love our little happy (?) endings. I beg you to keep working on this game, or at the very least just write the full story somewhere. I'm in love! The writing on both is absolutely incredible!!


is fancy stranger gonna get a route?

The first chapter of his route is upcoming, yes!


Cirrus is so sus ඞඞඞ and i like the best ending because if we choose "Have Cirrus do it" he will say mc is a m@s0ch1st ඞ .But the "Cirrus grew bored of you" ending ;-; (i know i know my english is not good 5.25/10 on the test)


Wait wait wait wait-I just read the Warnings and Cirrus is a s@dist ??? AHA EVEN BETTER

Dose Fancy Stranger have a rout yet?


Not yet! We'll be announcing when his first chapter releases soon, so we recommend following us to see when it's announced.


Wow, what a beautiful game. The art, music and writing were all wonderful, and the options to customize the protagonist were appreciated and lovely. Everyone did a great job, and thank you so much for sharing.


How can Cirrus be so gorgeous? Can't wait for hot scenes update.


Hi girls from Rotten Raccoon! My name is Leonardo Lindoso, I'm CEO at Astral Game Studio. Our studio is now looking for other indie devs to offer Brazilian Portuguese localization for FREE as we are building our own localization portfolio and we saw that Obscura doesn't currently have a PT-BR localization. If this is interesting for you, please contact us at contact@astralgamestudio.com (I couldn't find any email to contact you, sorry)


Really love the game! I hope chapter two also comes out

Part 2 of my playthrough

Part 3

(2 edits) (+1)

this is such an interesting game! the world you guys have built is super engaging, and i lovee kier. the addition of an aftercare scene is very thoughtful, and something i've never seen in any other games. i think it's a very nice touch <3 i'm excited to see future chapters! 

(also a small bug i've noticed: if you scroll up to view previous text, the music will stop playing for the rest of that file. only way to fix is to reload a save from before you scrolled up)


when do yall think the next update will come out??? cause its killing me having to wait.. :( also when do yall think the full game will come out?


This is an insanely nice game, I went down Theif's route for this demo and I was laughing a lot. I'm not sure if it was just late outside but it amused me. The full game will be above & beyond.

Part 1 of my playthrough

in the future can you add female romantic interests?? i loved the demo but i am lesbian and i think it would be great to have more avaliable woman to date ><


Thank you for playing our demo! 🌙✨ Sorry to disappoint, but we have no plans to add female love interests in OBSCURA.

Thats ok! Still a very good game <3

Bonjour est ce qu’il sera disponible en fr ?

Salut! 😊

Même si on aimerait offrir une traduction, on en aura probablement pas l'occasion avant de 1) avoir terminé le jeu et 2) avoir les moyens pour en payer une. C'est juste trop compliqué en ce moment.

On est désolées 😔 Mais merci de nous avoir demandé! On espère que tu auras l'occasion de profiter du jeu d'une façon ou une autre 🌙✨

merci j'attendrais alors dans le futur


Every demo you make is so dam pretty if you ever make any buyable full game im throwing all my money at you!


this is such a beautiful game, plot-wise and visual-wise. can't wait to see more of it in the future :)

(1 edit) (+3)

What about 18+ hot scenes in the future?) Is there a chance they will be present in the game?
Are they even possible considering the choice of pronounce function?
I mean I choose to be a woman/she/her but I still feel like the characters don't perceive me as one. More like the pronounce choice doesn't even matter in the game - the characters don't change even a little bit their behavior towards me. I feel like I'm just gender neutral for them or something...


We'd like to include adult material in the future, in the game or in DLC form depending on what serves the story best. We'll definitely cross that bridge when we get to it.

happy2023!(sorry for being late


God, I've done the Keir route and I am just in absolute love. The writing and world building is just phenomenal. But, of course since this game isn't completely finished, it left me begging for more! But thank you for this little taste of the game that you've released, absolutely amazing. *chef's kiss* mwah, perfect


This game is absolutely beautiful, ethereal even. I started playing it pretty late at night and immediately fell victim to the beauty & mystery of Cirrus. It felt so wrong to feel how I felt about a priest, but at the same time it was very intense and left me wanting more. Beautifully written, amazing art, soundtrack, and characters. I can't wait to support the full project!

I played this a few days ago and it still hasn't left my mind so Im sitting here in the middle of the night just to write this review. First of all, thank you for making this game and I will actively follow through all the updates in the future. Anyways. SPOILER ALERT I was first interested in the church because they actually provided a safeword for the game and I thought it was interesting, so I went through Cirrus' route. The first time he commanded the MC I was like OH MY GOD that actually did something to me. And then when the bdsm scene happened I genuinely was so shocked. I have to praise the writers for this because if it weren't for the toe curling words I wouldn't be this interested. The OST also played a huge role in this. One second it was a holy and sacred feeling while prayers and the next it was... intense. And then I went through Keir's route while still feeling dumbfounded after what just happened with Cirrus. Anyways it was a really wholesome route, it was a such nice contrast. Its not as intense as Cirrus' route but I love it so much! I'm looking forward to the fancy stranger's route.

the download for window doesn't work.

What can I do?


More details would help in this case. It's hard to diagnose a problem when I don't know what part of the download process isn't working.

Assuming you've got the game and are having trouble launching it: the most common problem folks have with Ren'py games that we know of is that the game crashing or refusing to launch. If that's what's happening it's worth checking if your antivirus is reacting to the game. Some antivirus programs really don't like Ren'py games and think they're harmful; I promise the game is not harmful. Whitelisting the OBSCURA folder will keep the antivirus program from interfering. If that doesn't help or doesn't describe your problem giving more details will help me figure out what's going on.

(1 edit)

when the download reaches 100, it says that crashed or  it doesn't reach the end at all. it says file not found.

Unfortunately, that sounds like something we can't fix on our end. I just tested downloading the windows version of the game and it worked alright, so the file is definitely there and itch.io should still be working just fine.

A download failing to finish could mean an overzealous antivirus, or problems with the browser you're using. Here's a slightly old guide from Itch.io that might be able to help, but unfortunately it sounds like whatever problem you've got is something that can't be fixed on our end.

ok. thanks . i hope i can play this game.



the writing is phenomenal and the setting is so interesting, i hope we learn more in chapter 2!!!! the character designs are beautiful and keir is my favourite atm HAHA i love that guy

I am a couple of hours in now and wow! The writing is so immersive and detailed I feel like I am in another world just from that! The Character design is gorgeous. I love the idea of this complete society is just living underground like a huge black market and the masks as a form of anonymity is right up my alley! I fell into the Prist's Route right away and playing on gathering as much endings as I can. 10/10 loving this game so far and excited to continue deeper into this journey in the dark
(2 edits) (+1)

I don't usually comment, but I really had to for this game! I absolutely loved every routes, and I like the fact that the devs included a safeword and even an aftercare category which I think was really toughtful! Not only that but at the start of the game, u can choose ur pronouns, which is really cool as I rarely see smth like this in visual novels. The characters were amazing and so was the plot! Keep up the good work, can't wait for next chapter <33

(1 edit) (+2)

Aaaaah omg I love this VN so much, it's such a good start ! <3

Especially the fact that I usually have a hard time finding a MC in a otome game that I really like, but this one makes me smile. The designs are all really cool (the masks remind me a lot of Dark Souls, the art is really beautiful <3)
So yeah, I'm very excited for Chapter 2 ! :)


i could write a really long review but it's genuinely amazing to me that [SPOILERS] one route is bdsm and the other is headpats this is the dichotomy that should exist in all otome games


I haven't gotten through all the endings yet, but the fact that head pats are a big part of the shows of affection is absolutely amazing. I love both routes and their pacing. The art is gorgeous, from the backgrounds to the sprites, and I can't wait for Chapter 2! You guys are incredible and I love that information is withheld until there's a reason for it to be brought up, adds so much to the worldbuilding.

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