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I once heard a story...

There's a marketplace under the mountain where anything can be bought and sold. Visitors wear masks to become faceless strangers. It's home to the unscrupulous, the outcast, and the desperate.

You're one of the desperate.

Strangers with their own secrets and ambitions can show you ways through the market. They'll guide you to your goal, but don't trust them to have your best interests at heart. 


  • The first chapter of a multi-chapter series.
  • Choose the protagonist's name, pronouns, and mask.
  • Two mysterious love interests (for now).
  • Over 30k words.
  • A dark, mature story with many ways to fail.
  • Timed choices! Or turn them off for an easier game.
  • Original music by Cajsa.
  • Use the default, OpenDyslexic, or Atkinson Hyperlegible font for ease of reading.


The Thief

"When I compliment you — if that ever happens — you’ll know."

Where there is a market, there are thieves. Keir steals to feed hungry mouths, but never forget that to survive at the fringes requires the most ruthless kind of pragmatism.

The Priest

"Penance is of the utmost importance here, and I think you'd best keep that soul of yours unblemished."

The church of the Lunar God offers sanctuary to all who come to its doors and Cirrus will give aid to those who request it. But there is no such thing as a gift in the market, and whatever aid Cirrus grants, he will want something in return.

Fancy Stranger

"I hope we'll meet again, if you don't mind me saying... you are a very kind person."

Sweet and sun-kissed, someone such as him does not typically come to the market. What drives someone underground? What is he searching for? Plays only a cameo role in the story, for now.


"The people down here have beautiful taste..."

No one goes under the mountain without a good reason. Unfortunately, you have a great reason. Whatever you were aboveground, now is the time to abandon it.

Content Warnings

The game contains unhealthy relationship dynamics, religious themes, drug and alcohol, violence, and themes of human trafficking. More specific warnings are available in the game. This game is recommended for an 18+ audience.

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Updated 10 hours ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorRotten Raccoons
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tagsamare, Boys' Love, Dark, Dating Sim, LGBT, Otome, Romance, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Ending Guide [Chapter 1].pdf 573 kB

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no female RO..


so what?


I tried out the demo last night and I was immediately impressed by how the dialogue/writing kept being both eerie and unsettling but entertaining and full of sass at the same time. The worldbuilding is so gripping I am very excited for the next releases!

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Thank you very much for this game! I love daddy Cirrus. Very immersive. And I got his best ending!

Hi, I love this game! Will it be released episodically?

Yes, we are releasing OBSCURA episodically! 


Hi hello I would just like to thank you for inventing Keir Obscura. The banter between him and Y/N is so charming and they play off each other so well, like a married couple lol. Looking forward to chapter 2 and maybe even some spicyness for Keir like Cirrus got in his route?


I'm in love with this and it's only chapter one. I have a serious Cirrus brain rot (got all his endings) and have replayed his route so many times in the past few days, it's ridiculous. I've already designed my version of Vesper (I named her Nova to stick with the star theme) and have art things I want to do. 

The art, music, and characters are already so phenomenal and I want to know all the lore so bad. I'm so curious if Cirrus treats other people like he does mc (as in the people who enters the church, like does he have a congregation?) or if like he teased to them, mc is extra special.

I love how sassy mc is and their mask designs are lovely. Mouthy mc with immoral dommy Cirrus is a big yes please.  The aftercare stuff is great and I like all the ways you can tap out if need be, especially given how intense the scenes can be. 

If y'all ever decide to make a patreon for this game, I would 100% join and support. I can't wait for more of the game. <3


this visual novel is honestly so refreshing! the story seems like the type to be published as an actual book, so i was immediately interested with the premise of the game. kier reminded me so much of a typical novel LI that's cheeky and brooding yet charming in his own way so he was obviously the first route i played and i honestly loved every bit of it. be still, my beating heart.

oh, and please, please, please, go deeper into the lore and world-building of the story! i love how different this romance visual novel is compared to others. can't wait to see more of kier (and the fancy stranger (¬‿¬) lol) kudos to you guys!


Wow, I haven't  been this excited for a game in a long time >.< Ticks off all my favorite boxes. Can't wait to see this amazing experience fleshed out into a full game!


That was just fantastic! Thank you!!! I look forward to chapter 2.


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Honestly, this visual novel is amazing. I love the detailed writing, the art, the world building, and the characters. I'm excited to see more about the MC's illness & more of Kier + Cirrus. I'm also interested in learning about the 'fancy stranger', even if he doesn't have a route now I'm very eager to learn his story.

P.S. The aftercare is lovely,  so thanks for adding that.

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OKOKOK, I did a quick search and I actually realized that the condition that MC has translates/relates to having a fractured soul... idk if its what it means for the game but the condition is a combo of real words so... I also don't know what that means for MC and why they're gonna supposedly die but ig we'll find out


Started with Keir's route, and so glad I did--he's def my type. Loving this game and am eager for more!


haven't played keir's route yet so i dont have a full review but uh. 100000/10 for Cirrus, i am down SO bad for this priest it's insane, i AM the target audience you aimed for when he was made, I need more of him so bad oh my sweet lord


I am in love with this game! So excited to see more :D


I love this! The art and story is so interesting and beautiful! I cannot wait to see where this goes!

Keir has my heart! <3






Literally diserve more attention . The graphic in this game pleased my aesthetic lol.  I CAN'T EXPLAIN, IT JUST AMAZING 



Oh wow, just in love with Keir.


I can't wait for the full version, the whole vibe o this game is just <3

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Absolutely amazinggg!! I was having such a good wholesome time on the keir route and then switching to the cirrus route afterward had my jaw on the floor... The choices had me speechless but it's so intriguing. I love the storytelling, the wordbuilding, the art, the sprites and can't wait to see the full game :)


omg i love keir wtf i got his best end on my first playthrough and i'm gonna try out the other endings later! i am so very intrigued to see what comes next! i haven't seen the fancy stranger or cirrus yet so i'm excited to see how i can interact with them as well :)  also even though i have done literally one ending so far, i am so so interested in the world of this game?? i am so invested already.

ALSO ALSO THE AFTERCARE BUTTON??? i just clicked it to see what it would do and omg it's so sweet, i love it sm.


Same no clue how, never interacted with the others


I'm in love this with project!! I played through Cirrus's route so far and the safeword/aftercare screen is really amazing of yall to have put in. The art is beautiful and I cant wait to see more about the story of the market and the illness our protag is dealing with


aside from my other comment i really love this game, it just gives me a vibe other games like this dont...its truly amazing

i love keir so much hes just gorgeous i love everything about his design!! and the way he pats mc's head is just so adorable i just wanna cry

this game is so good i cant even put how good it is into words (or maybe thats my tiny vocabulary's fault)

i literally just did keirs #9 ending and its not showing??              help please lmaoo

i followed the ending guide as well


okay sooooooo, I literally made this account to tell you about how amazing and the emotional rollercoaster I went on this game... likeeeeeee AAAAAAA



1. the aftercare button was the most best thing i've seen in the gaming experience and I really want to thank you guys for that and the storyline was absolutely amazing... question is... are you guys going to make this game free once the game finishes??? I really hope so, but I understand if you won't. (I'm broke tho soooooo)

2. ya'll..... on the Cirrus route when the uhhh scene happened and then the aftermath of the MC questioning how you feel after.... I HAD TO LITERALLY SIT THERE FOR LIKE TEN MINUTES AND TRY AND COME UP WITH THE ANWER I LIKED.

either way this game was AMAZING!!! I can't wait until you guys finish the game :)


Thank you for making this game.

I did not expect that to happen in cirrus' route and I really thank you for having a panic button. It really helped me. 


writing this after playing through the whole demo yesterday and resisting the urge to have another playthrough of all the routes........

first of all. the amount of work you have put into this is astonishing and you have managed to create a piece so spectacular i can't believe it is only on its first chapter?

 i live for the world building, the little details allow you to fully immerse yourself and i think that is one of the main determining factors that make a good story actually *good*. i am so intrigued to learn more.

the main character feels so real and a witty, headstrong (and mouthy since everyone insists on saying so lmao) character who actually has goals and -dare i say it- a personality outside the pursuit of a LI is always appreciated. that being said, the LIs are appreciated as well!! (lmao) their designs are so nice and complement the characters so well (am i just saying that the masks are sexy? perhaps.) no but really. i think they are very interesting in their own ways and i love that the choices you make allow you not only to shape the story in different ways and take different paths, but they also influence your relationship with the other characters in very fundamental ways. following the same sentiment as before, i don't think LIs should live and breathe for the mc only, so the fact that they can be literally like 'idc if you die' is so great (that is such a strange thing to say) and i find it incredibly funny (the bad ends of later chapter may make me more upset, admittedly) but also actually plausible.

i also really enjoy the interactions with the side characters and i can't wait to see how those develop as well. the timed choices and the ability to turn on hints are a very appreciated detail. and seeing as the music is one of the first things i take notice of while playing a new game, i was immediately hooked on what i found here. it really sets the tone for the game from the start, so nicely done on that. and on everything else!

i am very excited for more, but in the meantime thank you for the time and effort you guys spent on this game, i can't wait to see what's next!!

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Wow... never fell in love with a game so quickly just by playing the demo. The music, atmosphere, main characters design and their personalities, the MC and the writing's style. I loved everything. Can't wait to see and learn more about the story, i am completly sold.

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Finally some dark, kinky stuff!=))
I'm so in love with this project! It looks like a masterpiece)

Guys, will the full game be 18+ with some sexual content?
I need more of daddy Cirrus)


I love the MC! I like their mouthiness and wittiness. It was a delight to play as them.

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I think I'm a very bad girl... Is it normal that I want so badly the priest? :)
He's one of the sexiest 2d beings I've ever seen!

p.s. I'm so happy with the content warnings! Eventually some mature, dark game with some gore)
The developers of this game are amazing!


Sorry, I just wanted to ask: will the love interests react in some way differently to the mc, depending on which sex(pronouns) you choose? Or they don't have any preferences whether you're a male or a female?


Whether you pick she/her, he/him, or they/them as your pronouns, the love interests will treat you the same ❤

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bro i played this game blind and my entire reaction was like "what the fuck did i stumbled into" idk what to say my mc died immediately lmaooo

I doodled a thing... but jokes aside though, I am down so horrendously bad for priest daddy and I love the game so far



This is incredible 🤣 !! Thank you for the lovely Fanart ❤️✨


aww, thank you for the lovely game! <3

(1 edit) (+2)

I loved the game a lot, I will be so happy to see more of it!)

The world, music and the characters are fantastic - that dark mystery feeling through all the game. I liked so much all of the characters (and Vesper the most❤️).

I also really liked that there is not a fully obvious way to reach Cirrus best ending while not being completely happy with him)


I was so looking forward to playing this game and omggg you guys didn't disappoint!!! THIS IS SO GOOD!! 😩❤️❤️

Beautiful sprites. Beautiful background. Beautiful GUI. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!!! 😭✨

I'm so in love with your writing. It fits so well with the visuals and it got me into the story within 10 minutes of gameplay. Wonderful work 🥰

The LIs…. They woke things inside me….. and I'm very pleased about it 👀👌❤️ but I want to highlight Cirrus because I am now his loyal follower and I'll bark at his command 😌❤️

Also! I love the safe word feature!!!! It is so cool!

You guys did an amazing job and I'll be here lurking in the dark and praying to see more of dadd- Father Cirrus in the next updates 😳🙏 

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While i love the game and everything, im a having a little trouble.

Ive played through Keirs route without any problems, but as i was starting over to go cirrus´s route, the game closed itself and deleted both launchers (Obscura and Obscura-32). I was unable to find those anywhere so i tried to extract the files again, when that didnt work, i redownloaded the files and extracted those. It worked for a little while until the same thing happened. 

Any idea why?


Thanks for the comment! We're so glad you've been enjoying Obscura.

As for the crashing and missing files, my first guess would be an overzealous antivirus program scanned the game and decided it shouldn't be allowed. Some antivirus programs do not recognise Ren'py games and treat them as a potential threat. We're not a threat. You can check your antivirus logs to see if any files were deleted or quarantined or whitelist the file location to see if it's something like that. Hopefully that helps!

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